Online application


How does the online application process work?

Step 1 - Fill in online form:

Fill in the online application form on the following pages for your preferred course of study. If need be, you can also specify a second and third wish.

Step 2 - Upload documents and submit application":

Then upload your application documents (school-leaving certificate, CV, photo ID, etc.) and click on the submit button. Documents that you do not have at hand right now, you can still use later upload to the application portal or mail to Merseburg University of Applied Sciencessend.

Step 3 - Gain access to the application portal":

After submitting the application, you will receive your personal access data to the application portal (HoMe portal). There you will have the opportunity to check your application status, submit any documents that are still missing and obtain the HochschulCard to apply for. The application process up to enrolment is done via the application"Portal. Therefore, please check the status of your application via the portal on a regular basis.

Notes on the use of the online application":

  • Please use the navigation buttons Back and Next (below) or the menu (left) instead of the browser navigation buttons.
  • You can change the data you have entered at any time by clicking on the button View Control View (below).
  • Input fields which are labelled with a 🛈 contain explanations to the data required. These appear when you move the mouse over the description of the enter field.
  • Mandatory fields which are marked in bold and with a * must be filled in.

Information on application deadlines, application documents, etc.

In the menu on the left, you will find under "Information and frequently asked questions" an overview of the documents you need for the application. Please read the Application information carefully before starting.